Trendyol The Female Entrepreneur Empowerment Commission Rate [2021]

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Trendyol online marketplace platform launched a campaign for female entrepreneurs. The aim of this campaign is to support female entrepreneurs, trade new entrepreneurs, and enable existing women to meet and grow with e-commerce: “The Female Entrepreneur Empowerment”. What about possible opportunities within the scope of this program of Trendyol? What are Trendyol Female Entrepreneur Commission Rates?


Who Can Apply for the ” The Female Entrepreneur Empowerment Program”?

What are the application requirements for ” The Female Entrepreneur Empowerment Program” created by Trendyol specifically for female entrepreneurs?

a) Women SMEs

Female entrepreneurs who have a business established in their own name, who have whole stock or more than 50% share in this business, who have future plans for the business, and who have a authority over the profits of the business.

b) Female Cooperatives

Women’s cooperatives, which are established to meet the economic, cultural and social needs of the partners, and to meet the needs of the production of goods and services within the scope of their economic activities, to support their initiatives, and where at least eighty percent (80%) of the members are women.

Advantages of Trendyol Female Entrepreneur Support


I) Commission Support

Female Entrepreneur EmpowermentIn order to help them start provide e-commerce quickly, the stores participating within the scope of the campaign are offered a 1-month commission with an 80% discount, up to a sale of 30 thousand TRY in certain categories

II) Maturity Advantage

Stores which meet female entrepreneur terms, and are included in the campaign are paid with a maturity period of 14 days.

III) Ad Support

Trendyol provides new vendors with 500 TRY to be used on Trendyol for ad support (1000 TRY for female cooperatives)

IV) Fund (Bank) Support

The opportunity to benefit from the following financial tools that may be needed in e-commerce, free of charge, through Trendyol’s contracted bank.

–             2 x 25 free check cards (tax excluded)

–             50 free Check Collection

–             Salary support of 500 and 750 TRY per employee in 2 and 3-year salary agreements (Only valid for new salary customer acquisitions. The number of employees should be between 10-150  and the minimum average salary per employee must be 2.300 TRY.)

–             Advantages for members

–             Free personnel management software 6 months


How to Apply for Trendyol Female Entrepreneur Program?

If you meet the above conditions and want to sell at Trendyol, you are ready to apply. It is enough to visit the Trendyol female entrepreneur application page and click on the “New Seller Application Form”. You can proceed by filling out the form on the page that opens.

Important note! When you proceed to the Application Form, the reference code at the bottom left must be entered automatically. If that part is empty, we recommend that you apply again from the link given above.

Follow our website to check updates.

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